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2011 Najita Distinguished Lecture

Nobukuni Koyasu
"Japanese Intellectuals and China"

October 4, 2011
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Japanese Magic Lantern: The Minwa-za Company of Tokyo and the Art of Utsushi-e

In April 2011, the University of Chicago community welcomed the Minwa-za Company of Tokyo for a series of events celebrating the uniquely Japanese magic lantern tradition of utsushi-e. This was a week of free workshops, lecture-demonstrations, and performances that recreated utsushi-e in the original theatrical manner, using reproductions of lanterns and slides of the Edo era.

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Taking over a basketball court in Xuli, a small village in China’s Anhui province, the artist created this beautiful, abstracted black-and-white landscape on massive panels of rice paper which were then shipped to Chicago and attached to the Smart's concave wall using wheat paste. The work draws on the artist's deep knowledge of traditional Chinese landscape painting—Bingyi holds a PhD in art history—as well as contemporary painting techniques.

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Ninth Japan at Chicago Conference

Rethinking Hihyō: The Politics of Literature and the Literature of Politics in Early Postwar Japan

Sponsored by the University of Chicago Committee on Japanese Studies
March 4-5, 2011
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