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Calls for Papers: September 8th, 2014

          The East Asian Environmental History Association would like to inform you that the Deadline for papers and session submissions is now postponed until September 30, 2014. We encourage the further submission of papers and session proposals.

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Calls for Papers: September 2nd, 2014

           At the turning of the twentieth century, with the rapid rise of modern industrial nations utilizing military power and sea exploration, the east encountered the west more fully than ever before. Within the backdrop of modernization, globalization, internal strife and international wars followed by colonization among nations; competition, conflict and influences across nations became evident. Social, economic structure, and traditional values had been confronted, challenged, and overturned.

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Calls for Papers: August 25th, 2014

          The Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies is a scholarly journal dedicated to the historical study of Chinese Buddhism in the premodern and modern periods. It seeks to promote the academic study, and teaching, of all aspects of Buddhist thought, practice, social, and institutional life in China, including historical interactions with Buddhist developments in South, East, and Central Asia. The JCBS is now soliciting articles for the next issue. 

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Calls for Papers: August 18th, 2014

          The Review of Korean Studies (RKS) is an academic journal published biannually in English by The Academy of Korean Studies. Since its first publication in 1998, the RKS has strived to stimulate dialogue and promote the exchange of ideas, theories, and perspectives among Koreanists in both Asia and the West. The journal is listed in the Korean Citation Index, and it aims to be listed in international journal indexes such as Scopus and A&HCI in near future.

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Calls for Papers: August 11, 2014

        Students of Harvard Medical School and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, with the educational consulting support of global student initiative, Engage Korea, are organizing a conference titled: 2014 Student Conference on the DPRK: How can the international community effectively engage the DPRK?

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