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Yoshio Hayakawa and Sakuma Masahide Concert

The Center for East Asian Studies sponsored a free concert in the International House on Friday, October 18th featuring Japanese folk rock legends, Yoshio Hayakawa and Sakuma Masahide.

Yoshio Hayakawa is a legendary figure in the history of Japanese popular music. Hayakawa first emerged into the public’s eye in the 1960s as leader of the seminal underground folk-rock band, The Jacks, and this is his first concert outside of Japan. Sakuma Masahide, another key figure in Japanese popular music, will accompany him on guitar.

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Reading Kuzushiji: Early Modern Japanese Summer Workshop

June 10-22, 2013

The University of Chicago’s Committee on Japanese Studies sponsored the 2013 Summer Workshop: Reading Kuzushiji. Led by Professor Suzuki Jun of the National Institute of Japanese Literature (Kokubungaku Kenkyū Shiryōkan), the workshop was devoted to reading Japanese block-printed texts that take the form of reproduced handwriting.

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Nori Sawa Puppet Workshop

Tuesday, May 15, 2012  |  5:30pm
Logan Performing Arts Building  |  Performance Penthouse
915 East 60th Street

Join us for a puppet workshop with renowned puppeteer Nori Sawa. This workshop will focus on the creation and manipulation of puppets using common materials and the participants’ own movement. Workshop is limited to 15 participants. Additional participants may observe the workshop. Please wear loose fitting clothing which allows freedom of movement.

Reception to follow workshop.

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What March 11 Means to Me

 A Symposium in Honor of Norma Field

March 10-11, 2012
Swift Hall 3rd Floor Lecture Hall
1025 East 58th Street, Chicago, IL 60637

The event is being held in honor of Norma Field, Robert S. Ingersoll Distinguished Service Professor in Japanese Studies, who will be retiring from the University of Chicago this year after a long and distinguished career as a scholar, teacher, and activist.

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Fukushima: Memories of a Lost Landscape

FUKUSHIMA: MEMORIES OF A LOST LANDSCAPE is a passionate and heartrending film about the human cost of the nuclear disaster that smolders on in the wake of last year’s 3/11 earthquake. While the vast majority of independent filmmakers focussed on the spectacle of the tsunami, MATSUBAYASHI Yojyu went straight to the exclusion zone surrounding the damaged plant. On the invitation of a local politician, he entered the liminal world of the refugees living in centers and occasionally following them to visit their ghostly, irradiated homes.

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