Call for Papers: October 1, 2013

International Conference on "Modern China in Global Contexts, 1600-Present"

The Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, together with the Historical Society for Twentieth Century China, invite panel proposals and individual paper proposals for a conference to be held 11-13 August 2014 in Taipei. We invite presentations of new scholarship on all aspects of modern Chinese history, broadly defined. Preference will be given to papers presenting innovative findings or methodologies, including research in the fields of political, economic, social, religious, urban, diplomatic, intellectual, and cultural history.
Panel proposals and individual paper proposals must be received between 1 December 2013 and 31 January 2014. Panels will consist of 3-5 presenters (including chairs and discussants, who may also be paper-givers). Proposals should include the names, addresses, e-mail addresses, and institutional affiliation of the participant(s). Panel abstracts should be no more than 500 words, and paper abstracts no more than 250 words. The Conference will make the final determination of the make-up of all panels Notification will be made by the end of February 2014. Accepted papers must be submitted by 10 July 2014. Accepted papers will be posted to a password-protected website, and made available to participants through the website. For more information please go to or contact Ms. Lin Hsiu-chuan:

2014 Spring issue, “Digital Asia”

Submission deadline: Monday, November 18, 2013.

The Editors of Asia Pacific Perspectives invite scholars and graduate students to submit papers for publication in the special spring 2014 issue on the Internet and wireless communications, “Digital Asia.” Asia Pacific Perspectives (ISSN: 2167-1699) is a peer-reviewed electronic journal published twice a year by the University of San Francisco Center for the Pacific Rim. Our task is to inform public opinion through publications that express divergent views and ideas that promote cross-cultural understanding, tolerance, and the dissemination of knowledge.  The journal offers a forum for the exchange of ideas from both established scholars in the field and graduate students.

Transnational, border-crossing and interdisciplinary approaches are welcome and encouraged. While the growth of the Internet and wireless communications is a global phenomenon, it has played out in particular ways in the Asia-Pacific region and has been a conduit for new modes of expression, economic development, and social and political movements. Examples of new trends are serialized cell phone fiction in Japan, “Call Center Novels” in India, and microblogs (weibo) as a forum for political speech in China. By examining multiple facets of these technological changes and their influence on societies, we hope to gain insight into the diversity of experience throughout the region.

For more information, please go to
Submissions may be sent electronically to Dayna Barnes at

Modern Art Asia: Call for papers on modern and contemporary Asian art

Submission deadline for papers: December 1st, 2013.                             

Submission deadline for reviews: February 1st, 2014 for February; April 1st for April; or by agreement with the editors.  

Modern Art Asia is dedicated to the arts of Asia from the eighteenth century to today, presenting graduate research from historical perspectives and international news on Asian art. Combining peer-reviewed articles with insightful commentary and the latest exhibition reviews from international correspondents, Modern Art Asia provides a forum for exchange between scholars that crosses the boundaries of traditional academic disciplines.

We invite graduates and early career researchers working on the arts and material cultures of Asia from the eighteenth century to the present to submit previously unpublished papers of 4,500 - 10,000 words for peer-review. Asia is broadly defined to include Central, East, South and Southeast Asia, as well as Asia-Pacific. Modern Art Asia aims to take an interdisciplinary and innovative approach to the study of Asia, and will consider papers on media and experiments that stretch the parameters of fine art.

For more information please go to

CFP Women, Politics & Power in Millennial Urban Asia, panel, Singapore, 17-19 2014

Submission Deadline: 15 October, 2013

The political role of women in cities remains an understudied domain in
Asia. This panel aims to address this relative silence on the generative role of gender relations in the structuring of city politics by bringing to light some emerging concerns as well as ongoing work on women as political leaders, brokers, negotiators and mediators in a much localized urban context. The turn
toward Asia is producing a flourishing body of research on cities as sites of rapid and dramatic transformations in the 21st century, in terms of reshaping their built environments and on the opportunities and challenges for political incorporation of the underprivileged and the deepening of democracy. Yet, the world of urban municipal politics remains neglected especially in terms of the relationship between feminism and democracy, and how this raises critical questions concerning power and politics.

This panel will be composed of four substantive papers, which are a mixture of theory and empirical case studies, with particular attention to experiences in Asian cities. We are looking for three papers for this panel. If you are interested, please e-mail us a 250-word abstract by October 15th at the latest. E-mail:

For more information please go to

University of Southern California Korean Studies Institute Graduate Student Symposium

Submission Deadline: 27 September, 2013

The Korean Studies Institute is going to hold our second annual graduate student symposium on January 23, 2014. The symposium will be a wonderful opportunity for graduate students to present their original research on all aspects of East Asia, become familiar with other graduate students work, and create interdisciplinary networks of Ph.D. students studying East Asia among universities in Southern California. Meanwhile, we will have Kelly Jeong, an associate professor of comparative literature at UC Riverside as our featured speaker.

To achieve an interdisciplinary mix of research papers from both the social sciences and humanities, we consider research papers on any part of East Asia. Particularly encouraged are research papers that include Korea in a larger comparative or theoretical framework. We also encourage graduate students to indicate their willingness to serve as a discussant. Deadline for abstracts and request to be a discussant is September 27, 2013.

For more information, please email Linda Kim at

Land Art Mongolia: men and animals, Ulaan Baatar, Aug 2014

Submission Deadline: September 27, 2013         

Land Art Mongolia / LAM 360 focuses on Land Art as one possible form of spatial and outdoor visualization of the relations between nature, culture, and social practices. It promotes freedom of expression in joining people and institutions from all sectors of Mongolian society by meshing their respective backgrounds and perspectives through collaborations of local, regional and international scope. By doing so LAM 360 would like to incite an advanced discourse on cultural and social policy which will take up aspects of environmental and social sustainability. A strong emphasis on the most vulnerable sectors of society in Mongolia will be put in a broader perspective of cultural change in Central Asia.

Over the last decades, Mongolia has mastered an unparalleled political, economical and social transition, apparent in the shift of Mongol identity between past and present: blending a rich and ancient nomadic heritage with all the advances of modern societies. It is one of the goals of the biennial to relate this very special and specific geographical environment to the level of art. It is intended that the artworks will remain permanently in situ. Accompanying the exhibition, a public symposium will bring together different speakers (Mongolian and foreign) reflecting and discussing fundamental questions regarding the biennial's specific theme, the various relationships of people and animals. A publication will summarize the contributions, conclusions, and open questions of the symposium, complemented by different articles and a full documentation of the artistic projects.

As the third edition of Land Art Mongolia / LAM 360, taking place in August 2014, will be guided by the theme men and animals, sensitive topics such as overgrazing, desertification, poaching and illegal wildlife trade, decentralization and general questions on animal husbandry from the perspective of different species are motivating this discussion. We particularly encourage papers, essays and artists texts that question dependencies between and among people and animals and connect their arguments to living conditions in Mongolia. We particularly welcome analysis which crosses and critically reviews Western attitudes towards animal life.

Entry submission:
Abstracts of 700 words or less.
Please note that abstracts for essays over the limit will be disqualified.

For more information, please go to

20th Annual Japan Studies Association Conference, 2-4 January 2014, Honolulu, Hawaii

Proposal deadline: 10 October 2013

At its annual conference in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2014, the Japan Studies Association will mark its twentieth anniversary. Established in San Diego in the spring of 1994, the JSA has assisted its members primarily teachers from American two- and four-year colleges and universities in acquiring first-hand knowledge about Japan and infusing it into the curriculum. Through workshops and study-tours, and the professional networking they enable, JSAs members have been inspired to engage in curriculum development, design study-abroad programs, and initiate Japan-focused or comparative research; members share their insights through the Japan Studies Association Journal and the organizations annual national conference.

Please join us at Hawaii Tokai International College in Honolulu in January 2014 to celebrate twenty years of JSAs achievements, reconnect with Freeman workshop alumni and share your continuous and new pedagogical and research interests in Japan's literary and cultural traditions, historical and economic developments, socio-political and religious practices past and present. We invite proposals for individual presentations, discipline-specific or interdisciplinary panels, roundtables on pedagogy and teaching innovation, and staged readings from both faculty and graduate students.

We encourage both east-west and inter-Asian comparative approaches and would particularly welcome contributions by graduate students and by alumni of JSA's Freeman Foundation intensive workshops on Japan held between 2002 and 2013. Please contact colleagues with whom you share pedagogical and research interests and form a panel or a roundtable; this ensures engaging presentations and follow-up discussions.

To send an abstract for an individual presentation of approximately 250 words or a 500-word proposal for a themed panel, roundtable or staged reading, go to: Make sure you include the names, institutional affiliation and contact information of all presenters. We hope to see you in Honolulu in January!

For more information, see or contact the conference co-chairs: Maggie Ivanova ( ) and Thomas Campbell ( )

Call for papers European Association of Japanese Studies (EAJS) conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, August 27-30, 2014
The Call for Papers for the 14th EAJS International Conference is now online. The conference will be held at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), August 27-30, 2014. Abstracts and panel proposals should be submitted no later than November 30, 2013.  Please note the instructions for the limit on abstract length: "1500 characters." This is the technical limit whether the abstract is written in English or (as is optionally possible in the case of a few sections) in Japanese. In the case of English, this works out to something like 200 words, but when you are drafting your proposal, you may find it helpful to use the "character count" in your word processing software as a guide to length.

For more information, please go to

The Journal of Asia Pacific Studies

The Journal of Asia Pacific Studies is calling for papers for its November issue. JAPS is published both electronically and in print in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. JAPS is indexed and catalogued by EBSCOhost as well as other prestigious indexes. For more information please visit our website: