Calls for Papers: August 28, 2013

Calls for Papers

Asian Sailors
A Special Issue of the Journal for Maritime Research
This special 'lascar' issue (JMR Nov 2014) invites scholars from across disciplines to consider the lives and labour of Asian sailors since the seventeenth century. This volume will centre the sailors within new global and oceanic histories. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the role of these sailors in the global and inter-regional movement of ideas as well as materials and goods, in maritime labour movements, and in the development of urban port communities. We would welcome papers that enhance our understanding of broader questions of race, transnational identities and the development of colonial and post-colonial power structures and institutions. Finally, given the recent swell of discussion in several inter-related disciplines around how we theorise (and, notably, materialise) oceans and seas in scholarship, we would welcome papers that address the material and social worlds of these sailors onboard ship. Extended abstracts of up to 500 words should be submitted to Dr Jesse Ransley at by October 7th 2013. We will confirm whether your abstract has been accepted by November 30th 2013. Completed manuscripts should not exceed 8000 words (including tables and references etc) and must be received by March 31st 2014 ready for review. For any enquiries please contact Jesse Ransley at

2014 Asia -Pacific Conference on Business & Social Science (APCBSS) 
The 2014 APCBSS is to offer scholars, professionals, academics and graduate students to present, share, and discuss their studies from various perspectives in the aspects of social sciences, including:Communication, Culture, Economy, Education, Business, Finance, Law, Management, Politics, Psychology, Society and so forth. All theoretical, empirical and practical papers from scholars and professionals in the above fields are all highly welcome. The 2014 APBCSS will be held during February 21-23 in Sanya, China. Guidelines: Oral and poster presentations for the conference will be selected from paper proposals submitted to the conference programme committee. Early submission is particularly important to ensure that the committee members have ample time to review the paper proposals. Late paper proposals will not be accepted. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their paper proposals electronically. Manuscripts should be electronically submitted at the conference website: All relevant information and the submitted paper must be written in English (doc, docx). Both full research papers and work-in-progress reports are welcome. Authors are required to certify that theirs paper represent original work and is previously unpublished elsewhere. Simultaneous submission to any other conference, workshop or journal is strictly excluded. The manuscript must be submitted in the required format (a Microsoft Word is available on the conference website). Abstract/Full Paper Submission: November 25, 2013. Website link: Contact details:

A Conference on Buddhism and Social Justice 
Moving away from a common perception of Buddhism as intrinsically a
tradition of peace and justice, our project-based at Leiden University-seeks
to explore the various ways in which historically Buddhist societies have
shaped, transmitted, and adapted Buddhist ideas and ideals about equality,
fairness, and freedom. We are further interested in how (if at all) such
societies have instantiated these ideas and ideals. The intent of the conference "Buddhism and Social Justice" is to gather scholars to discuss Classical and modern Buddhist notions of justice and their real world reflexes. We will be most centrally concerned with Buddhist visions-implicit or explicit-of ideal (just) societies and the role of human action, as these appear, for instance, in the realms of freedom and its constraints, social hierarchy and mobility, economic opportunity, and power and self-determination. The full text of the initial proposal upon which our project was based, and other information about our research team, and the conference itself, can be consulted on the project's website: This Call for Papers invites scholars interested in these issues from a descriptive, rather than prescriptive, point of view to come together and share their expertise, findings and questions. Papers dealing with any region within Asia and any time period are welcome. Applicants are requested to forward to the following information BEFORE 20 September 2013:
.       A title and abstract of approximately 300 words, describing the
scope of your contribution and its sources.
.       A short CV
Applications will be reviewed by 1 October 2013 and successful applicants
notified immediately thereafter. While lodging and food will be provided, we regret that we are in principle unable to offer travel funding for participants. In exceptional cases however we may be able to arrange some assistance in travel costs.

For the Upcoming Issues of The Japanese Political Economy
We invite submissions for upcoming issues of The Japanese Political Economy, which aims to publish high quality, original articles that explore the many facets of and interactions between Japan's domestic and international political economy. The journal welcomes a broad range of scholarship that will contribute both theoretically and empirically to the field. Included in this broad range are economic and/or political comparisons of Japan to other East Asian countries or to other countries. Topics in Japanese political economic history and comparative political economic history are welcome. Policy studies and papers that focus on the structure and evolution of Japanese firms, industries, and regulation are also relevant. All manuscripts must be contributed and published in English. The journal is edited by Dr. A. Maria Toyoda of Villanova University.
Manuscripts should be submitted online at Manuscripts should be limited to 12,000 words, including text, tables and figures, notes, references. Font size must be 12 point for all parts of the manuscript, and all body text should be double-spaced. Please include an abstract limited to 150 words. All submissions must be original work that is not under consideration by another journal. We will not consider submissions that include tables, figures and substantial portions of text that have been previously published. Submitted articles undergo a double-blind peer review process that is overseen by the journals Editorial Board. Questions on submissions should be directed to the editor at or to editorial assistant Shishav Parajuli at

China Hands is now accepting submissions for the Fall 2013 issue. Founded in 2012, China Hands aims to provide a platform for constructive dialogue on China-related issues and US-China relations. China Hands published and distributed 1,200 copies last semester and maintains a popular Facebook page with over 2,000 fans, which is updated daily by a team of over 50 contributors from schools such as Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Peking, and HKU. There is no word limit. Articles to be printed in the fall issue must be 2,000 words or less (editors are available to help). The original full-length articles will be published on the China Hands website. You can submit newly written articles or papers written for classes. The deadline for submission is 15 September 2013. Notification will be made in September. Please email articles (or questions) to, and CC both and