Fellowships and Grants: August 4, 2014

The Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW) at the Australian National University is seeking to recruit Postdoctoral Fellows to join a world-class group of researchers. The successful applicants are expected to contribute towards one or more of CIW’s research themes: China Everyday, China Justice, China Numbers, China Texts, China Time, China Urban/Rural, China Australia and China Global. The Postdoctoral Fellow will be expected to foster a collaborative agenda with research staff at CIW, other ANU colleges and other early career academics to promote Chinese Studies. In addition, they will also conduct their own research at the highest level and be expected to participate throughout their appointment in all aspects of academic life. This academic position is initially for a two-year period, with an opportunity for a further two-year extension subject to funding availability and satisfactory performance. To apply, visit: http://jobs.anu.edu.au/PositionDetail.aspx?p=4045. Applications are due by September 17, 2014.

The International Affairs Fellowship in Japan (IAF-J) seeks to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation between the rising generations of leaders in the United States and Japan. The program provides a selected group of mid-career U.S. citizens the opportunity to expand their professional horizons by spending a period of research or other professional activity in Japan. Fellows are drawn from academia, business, government, media, NGOs, and think tanks. CFR awards approximately three to five fellowships annually. The IAF-J is only open to U.S. citizens between the ages of 27 and 45. The program is intended primarily for those without substantial prior experience in Japan, although the selection committee has made exceptions when it considered that the fellowship would allow an individual to add a significant new dimension to his or her career. Knowledge of the Japanese language is not a requirement. The duration of the fellowship is between three and twelve months. Interested candidates can apply via: http://www.cfr.org/thinktank/fellowships/iaf_japan.html between July 1 and October 31 on an annual basis.

The University Research Priority Program (URPP) Asia and Europe of the University of Zurich invite applications for 1 research position at the doctoral level to start on January 1, 2015 involving a social-scientific orientation and focusing on contemporary themes and issues. Employment is initially for one year with the possibility of an extension up to two years and eight months. Candidates are required to have a M.A. or equivalent academic degree to qualify the candidate to submit a PhD thesis in one of the relevant disciplines of the URPP. The program explores exchanges and encounters between Asia and Europe that have taken and continue to take place in the areas of culture, law, religion and society. The position is assigned to one of the following URPP Asia and Europe research fields: “Concepts and Taxonomies”, “Entangled Histories”, “Norms and Social Order(s)”. The applications should submit an original research project relating to the research questions of one of the research fields to bewerbungen@asienundeuropa.uzh.ch in a PDF format. For more information, visit: http://www.asienundeuropa.uzh.ch/aboutus/application.html. Applications are due by September 15, 2014.