Student Creators Invitation Program

The Student Creators Invitation Program is the program of the KAKEHASHI Project which aims to foster learning and networking between artistic fields and creative professions. Academia chaperones must submit applications for their students and only students from four-year university/colleges or graduate schools in the United States are eligible candidates. Recruiting from artistic and creative academic programs, approximately 80 students from the U.S. will be invited to visit Japan in the Spring and Summer of 2014. Participants must be students currently enrolled in the applying institution and must major in arts related disciplines such as design, fashion, animation, and visual arts. They do not need to be students of the Japanese language but must be interested in Japanese culture and wish to infuse Japanese culture in their future work. They will undertake an 11-day (10 in Japan) intensive study program, focusing on learning first-hand about artistic programs, industries, and creative professions, including visits to educational institutions, museums, companies and non-profit organizations.

The Kakehashi Project is a fully-funded, large-scale youth exchange program between Japan and the United States. Sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Kakehashi aims to heighten potential interest in Japan and increase the number of overseas visitors to the country, as well as enhance international understanding of the “Japan brand,” or the nation’s strengths and attractiveness.

Please visit the website at The application deadline is November 1, 2013!