Hiring and Paying Students

Hire Students

All student employment must be initiated by a faculty member of CEAS.  Please email eastasia@uchicago.edu with the following information at least two weeks in advance of the anticipated start date to ensure students are added to the system:

Student Name:
Student ID#:
Email Address:
Social Security Number (or applied for one? Y/N
Currently holding any other job on campus? Y/N
Work Study? Y/N
Job Title:
Brief Description of Work to be Completed:
Job Start and End Dates:
Hours Per Week:

Student Time Approval - UChicago Time

All UChicago Students are required to use the UChicago Time system in order to record their hours worked.  Students are required to clock in and out of the UChicago Time system on the days when actual work is completed.  The hiring faculty member will be designated as the primary approver for the student, and CEAS will designate a staff member to be the secondary approver. 

UChicago Time

Please email eastasia@uchicago.edu with any questions you may have. 

Students can access payroll stubs and other information at ess.uchicago.edu