Korea Studies Funding

All funding is sponsored by the Committee on Korean Studies, unless otherwise noted.

Korean Studies Dissertation Fellowship

Eligibility: University of Chicago Ph.D candidates writing dissertations on topics related to Korean studies
Deadline: April 13, 2015 by 3 P.M
Description: This fellowship provides funds for a year of dissertation work on a topic relating to Korean studies. Research for the dissertation must be completed, and priority is given to those who have a chapter or two completed. Students who have been admitted to candidacy may apply in the spring for funding that will begin the following autumn.
Terms: This grant provides $18,000 plus fees over the course of one academic year.  A student can receive only one Korean Studies dissertation writing fellowship from the Center, and it is the final funding that a student can receive from the Center.  Because the intent behind this fellowship is to enable students to devote their full attention and effort to completion of their dissertation, these terms do not allow students to engage in any remunerative activity, on or off campus, or to pursue course work.  The sole exception, which must be approved by the committee, is that students may undertake a modest teaching assignment in the second half of the academic year when it is clear that teaching in the winter or spring will not delay completion of the degree. Requests to undertake a teaching assignment must be made in writing to the Chair of the Committee on Korean Studies.
Application Requirements:
> Statement of purpose discussing the work you plan to do on your dissertation during the year.  Limit two pages.
> A statement from your department indicating that you have been admitted Ph.D. candidacy.
> Dissertation proposal.
> One complete dissertation chapter.
> Two letters of recommendation.

Apply online.  Applications submitted by email or hardcopy are not accepted.

Korean Studies Pre-dissertation Research Grant

Eligibility: University of Chicago graduate students engaged in pre-dissertation research.
Deadline: April 13, 2015 by 3 P.M
Description:  The award takes the form of a reimbursement for up to $3,000 of  expenses and supports pre-dissertation research in Korean Studies.  The funds are intended to enable University of Chicago graduate students to lay the foundations for their research plans, for example, to survey holdings in archives, or to identify and meet with scholars and advisers with whom a student plans to work in Asia.  Typically, funds are used to finance summer research in the target country.  A student can hold this grant only once during his/her graduate school career.
Application Requirements:
> A statement of how the proposed use of the grant furthers your larger research goals.
> A project budget.
> One letter of recommendation.

Apply online. Applications submitted by email or hardcopy are not accepted.
Post Award: How to Submit a Reimbursement Request

Conference Travel Grant: Korean Studies

Eligibility: University of Chicago students traveling to present papers
Deadline: Rolling applications each academic year
Contact: Chair of the Korean Studies Committee
Description: This grant provides modest support for students traveling outside the Chicago metropolitan area to present a paper on a topic relating to Korean studies. The grant takes the form of reimbursement for up to $300 of travel-related expenses. A limited number of grants are also available for international conference travel in the amount of up to $400.  If approved for the grant, reimbursement requests must be submitted within 30 days after the end of travel.  No exceptions.

Apply Online.  Applications submitted by email or hardcopy are not accepted.  This application must be submitted at least two week before your planned travel.
Post Award: How to Submit a Reimbursement Request