Associate status through the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Chicago is by invitation only.  An associate must be sponsored by a faculty member of CEAS and must work or live in Illinois or a contiguous state.  Associates receive library privileges only, and the courtesy status is renewable on a three-year cycle.  Associate statuses are processed each spring quarter. Email CEAS for more information.


As of September 22, 2023

Daniel Berenberg, Richard J. Daley College, Social Science Department
Christopher Bush, Northwestern University, Department of French & Italian
Liang Cai, University of Notre Dame, Department of History
Shiwei Chen, Lake Forest College, Department of History
Likwan Cheng, Truman College/Harold Washington College, 
Michelle Damian, Monmouth College, Department of History
Helen Doss, Wilbur Wright College, Department of English & Literature
Andrew Eisenberg, Northeastern Illinois University, Department of History
Mami Hatayama, Curator, The Weston Collection
David Andrew Knight, Independent Scholar
Phyllis Lyons, Northwestern University, Asian Languages Program
Gail Mitchell, Kennedy-King College, Department of Communication Design 
Kevin Ostoyich, Valparaiso University, Department of History
John Timothy Wixted, Independent Scholar
Michal Eskayo, Harold Washington College
Pauline Lee, University of St. Louis, Theological Studies (Chinese Religions and Cultures)
Heather Bowen-Struyk, DePaul University, Department of Modern Languages