Chicago Cultural Alliance 
A Chicago-area consortium of cultural heritage museums, centers, and historical societies, including East Asia-related organizations.

Chicago Japanese American Historical Society 
The CJAHS is a volunteer, non profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving and presenting the history of the Japanese American community in Chicago. 

Chinese American Museum of Chicago 
The mission of the Chinese-American Museum of Chicago (CAMOC) is to promote the culture and history through exhibitions, education, and research of Chinese-Americans in the Midwest.

Chinese Consulate in Chicago 
The Chinese Consulate website provides information about US-China relations, consular services, and news about China. 

HANA Center 
The HANA Center seeks to empower Korean-American, immigrant, and multi-ethnic communities through social services, education, culture, and community organizing to advance human rights.

Japanese Consulate in Chicago 
The Japanese Consulate website provides information about US-Japan relations, consular services, the Japan Information Center (JIC), and news about Japan. 

Korean Consulate in Chicago 
The Korean Consulate website provides information about US-Korea relations, consular services, and news about Korea. 

Korean Cultural Center of Chicago 
The KCCOC was established to provide a physical facility where everyone in the Midwest can show their interest in and promote Korean heritage.

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Chicago 
The TECO website provides information about US-Taiwan relations, consular services, cultural center activities, and news about Taiwan. 

The Chinese Fine Arts Society 
Through various programming, the Chinese Fine Arts Society (CFAS) is dedicated to promoting the appreciation of Chinese culture, enhancing cultural exchange and pursuing excellence in Chinese music, dance and visual arts.

The Gene Siskel Film Center 
The Gene Siskel Film Center selects and presents significant world cinema, including East Asia-related films, in a non-commercial context that sets aesthetic, critical and entertainment standards. 

The Japan America Society of Chicago 
The Japan America Society of Chicago serves as the principal clearinghouse in the Greater Chicago area and much of the Midwest on information pertaining to US–Japan bilateral relations. The Society sponsors programs to serve some 1,400 American and Japanese nationals interested in business and cultural issues in each nation. The Society serves this dual constituency by annually sponsoring some 50 business-related and cultural programs on a wide variety of subjects.

The Japanese American Service Committee (JASC) 
Founded in 1946, JASC was formed to serve the needs of Japanese immigrants and their American-born children coming to Chicago after leaving the World War II internment camps. Since then, the JASC has served as a unique locus for the Japanese American community while playing a much larger role in providing social services to a much wider and diverse group of Chicagoans.