The CEAS Library has acquired many new exciting films recently. Some highlights include:

The Evening of Garden Mists (Malaysia, 2019)
Aces Go Places I-V (Hong Kong, 1982-89)
Temptation on Glamour Island (Japan, 1959)
Noren (Japan, 1958)
Kim-Gun (South Korea, 2019)
Anarchist from Colony (South Korea, 2017)
First Vote (United States, 2020)
Tyrus (United States, 2017)

We encourage faculty and students to submit requests for new films that would be a good addition to our collection. For any film related questions, please contact Myra Su at

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The CEAS Film Library is free to use for any current University of Chicago student, staff, or faculty member. CEAS Associate Members, K-16 educations, and the general public may also borrow films for educational use. For more information, please click here.