UChicago Global Announces 2023-24 Provost's Global Faculty Awards

UChicago Global recently announced it's Provost's Global Faculty Awards for the 2023-2024 academic year.

The awards included a number of Center for East Asian Studies faculty and affiliated faculty:

Planning "The Next Generation of Chinese Art Historians" Collaborative Project
Wu Hung, Department of Art History

China's Youth in Transition: A Long-Term Study of How Youth Adapt to Work Life
Thomas Talhelm, Booth School of Business

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CEAS Announces the 2023 Asada Eiji B.A. Thesis Prize Winners

The University of Chicago Center for East Asian Studies sponsors an annual prize of $250.00 awarded for the best University of Chicago B.A. thesis dealing with topics related to East Asia (China, Japan and Korea). Since its inception in 2009, one prize has been awarded to a paper in the area of humanities and one in the area of social sciences.  Preference is provided to papers utilizing original source materials in an East Asian language. This prize is named in honor of Asada Eiji, the recipient of the first Ph.D. degree awarded by the University of Chicago in 1893.

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PhD Candidate in History Yasser Nasser Published in Cold War History

The Department of History's Yasser Nasser was recently published in Cold War History. Nasser is recipient of the 2023 Philip A. Kuhn Dissertation Prize in Chinese Studies from the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Chicago.

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UChicago Students Awarded Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs Prizes

The Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs recently announced the winners of prizes for papers written by students that include the Percy Buchanan Graduate Prize for graduate students, and the Sidney DeVere Brown Prize and the Mikiso Hane Prize for undergraduate students.  Three University of Chicago students were awarded including the following:

Percy Buchanan Graduate Prize, East Asia
Stephanie Painter
Paper Title: "What She Had: Property, Work, and the Imperative of Autonomy for Wives in the Qing"

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Faculty Spotlight: Melissa Van Wyk

Melissa Van Wyk’s work is broadly invested in the intersection between scientific forms of knowledge and the stage in premodern Japan, especially the confluence of medical discourses about the body, attitudes toward and experiences of wonder, and moments where printed media, theater, and street performance illuminate the theatrical nature of public discourses of knowledge.

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