The Department of Linguistics, with generous support from the Center for East Asian Studies and a Title VI National Resource Center Grant from the U.S. Department of Education, is organizing the 33rd North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL 33) this year between June 24-25th. This year's conference theme is, "Variation and Change in Chinese Varieties around the Globe."

It is well-known that China features a wealth of linguistic diversity. One of the main reasons for this level of variation is population movement, which is precipitated by natural disasters, imperial expansion, and general economic opportunities. Population movement is not restricted to be within China, however. The number and geographic distribution of Chinese-speaking diasporic communities are immense and their contact with local languages have resulted in unique developments that have, until recently, received relatively little attention. NACCL is an ideal venue to bring together scholars from around the world who are conducting research on Chinese varieties, to integrate multidisciplinary perspectives into Chinese linguistic research with diaspora communities and to discuss diaspora Chinese linguistics in its own right.

The conference will be hosted virtually, on Whova, an events managements platform that offers both mobile app and web versions.  Additional information pertaining to the conference, including the program, can be found here.

Online registration to attend the conference is now OPEN.  Attendance is free to the public with registration.  To register, click here.