As a U.S. Department of Education-designated National Resource Center, the Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS) at the University of Chicago supports a variety of activities on campus and beyond to promote teaching, research, interdisciplinary scholarship, and greater public understanding about East Asia. Thanks to a $2.1 million Title VI Grant (2018-2022), CEAS is proud to have implemented numerous programs during this first year of the grant cycle, including the following programs!

CEAS welcomed Hanji expert and artist, Aimee Lee, for a lecture and workshop on Korean papermaking; renowned Chinese film director, Guo Baochang and the North American premier of his “conceptual, multimedia” Peking Opera film, Dream of the Bridal Chamber (Chungui meng); a Japanese painting workshop led by Nihonga master Yūki Ideguchi; and Korean contemporary music group Black String. CEAS was also a proud sponsor of two film series that feature films from internationally-recognized directors Johnnie To and Wai Ka-fai through their Hong Kong-based studio – Milkyway Image, as well as films produced/directed by students of Hasumi Shigehiko – one of the most influential critics and theorists of Japanese cinema. CEAS in coordination with other UChicago Title VI NRCs also co-sponsored a panel on The Human Rights Crisis in Xinjiang and an International Education Conference for K-16 educators "Press Play > Globalizing Your Classroom Through Film."

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Hanji Legacy: The History of Korean Papermaking - A Lecture/Workshop with Aimee Lee

Connecting the Dots Through Guo Baochang: Contemporary Chinese Opera, Film, TV

Japanese Painting Workshop with Artist Yuki Ideguchi

UChicago Presents: Black String
Black String: A Lunch Conversation

Then There's the Milkyway: The Films of Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai

Kinetic Visions: The Students of Hasumi Shigehiko

The Human Rights Crisis in Xinjiang

Press Play > Globalizing Your Classroom Through Film

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