The Center for East Asian Studies welcomes Ms. Seonyoung Park, the 4th Korea Foundation Visiting Librarian Intern for the University of Chicago Library's East Asian Collection.  Seonyoung holds a BA in Library and Information Science and History from Chung-Ang University in South Korea. She comes to the Library as a selected participant of the “Global Challengers Program,” which dispatches young Koreans to overseas institutions for professional development and career building. The program is managed and financially supported by the Korea Foundation.

The KF Library Internship Program is designed to provide meaningful work experience and related opportunities at prestigious libraries abroad to selected interns from Korea. Young Koreans are provided with a chance to upgrade and advance their professional careers as librarians who specialize in Korean Studies and library science.  Library interns are required to have a BA degree or higher in library and information sciences, together with an adequate level of English language competency.

The internship duration will be 10 months, from June 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. Seonyoung started her internship remotely but is expected to be onsite starting this fall. She will work on the following projects during her internship period: the enhancing Korean W-records, compilation work for bibliography of Korean Colonial Period resources, collaboration in various different Korean Studies-related projects.

For more information regarding the Korea Foundation and the internship, click here.