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Below is a listing of students who received awards for the summer 2017 and the 2017-18 year academic year that included travel, research and study abroad:

Japanese Foreign Language Acquisition Grants (FLAG) - Undergrads

  • Sonya Wang - Hokkaido International Foundation (HIF) Japanese Language and Culture Program in Hakodate, Japan
  • Tyler Logan - KCP International Japanese Language School in Tokyo, Japan

CEAS Chinese Language Study Grants for Chicago in Beijing Summer Chinese Language Program - Undergrads

  • Robert Huselid
  • Tyler Raclin
  • Felipe Corredor
  • Rafael Palomino
  • Justin Skobe
  • Bennett Michaels
  • Emil Sohlberg
  • Kevin Cheng

Travel Supplements for Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS) - Undergrads

  • Grace Bologna
  • James Hilton
  • Benji Hix
  • Tyler Logan
  • Adam Lowinger
  • Julia Selch

CEAS Pre-Dissertation Research Grants


  • Mei Yin Bonnie Chan, Political Science
  • Ji Yea Hong, Anthropology
  • Yiying Pan, EALC
  • Spencer Stewart, History - US archive research
  • Yukun Zeng, Anthropology


  • Robert Burgos, History
  • Thomas Gimbel, History
  • Alexander Jania, History
  • Alex Murphy, EALC
  • Kyle Peters, EALC
  • Paride Stortini, Divinity School


  • Haeyoung Kim, History - US archive research

CEAS Dissertation Fellowships


  • Naixi Feng, EALC
  • David Lebovitz, EALC
  • Robert Loomis, Comparative Human Development 
  • Tingting Xu, Art History 
  • Boqun Zhou, EALC


  • So Hye Kim, EALC

Toyota Dissertation Fellowships


  • William Carrol, Cinema Media Studies/EALC
  • Noriko Kanahara, History
  • HIroko Kumaki, Anthropology
  • Nicholas Lambrecht, EALC

CEAS Professional Training Grants

  • Ian Cipperly, History - Inter-University Center (IUC) Japanese Language Studies Program in Yokohama, Japan
  • Thomas Gimbel, History - Japanese Garden Intensive Seminar, Research Center for Japanese Garden Art & Historical Heritage in Kyoto

Inter-University Center for Japanese Studies Supplemental Grants

  • Ian Cipperly, History
  • David Hogue, EALC
  • Sabine Schulz, EALC

CEAS 2017 Summer Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships - Title VI Awards from United States Department of Education

  • Marielle Harrison, Divinity - International Chinese Language Program (ICLP), National Taiwan University
  • Kelly Mulvaney, Anthropology - University of Chicago Summer Language Institute Chinese Program - US Program
  • Keyao (Kyle) Pan, History - Sendagaya Japanese Institute - Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education
  • Sabine Schulz, EALC - University of Chicago Summer Language Institute Korean Program - US Program

*All photos and stories featured are submissions from students listed above with submissions being voluntary.