Temporary free access to various electronic resource products has been offered by a number of vendors, publishers and producers in China and Taiwan to academic libraries in North America during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following 19 databases and/or platforms (often contains multiple products) are now available to University of Chicago faculty, students and staff.

CADAL 大学数字图书馆国际合作计划
China Art Digital Library 中国艺术作品库
China Core Newspapers Database 中国重要报纸全文数据库
China Monographic Serials Database 中国学术辑刊全文数据库
China Reference Database 中国工具书网络出版总库
CNKI eBooks(Intl) CNKI电子图书库(海外版)
CNP-eReading Overseas Platform 易阅通 (China Academic E-Book Library of China E-book Hub 中国电子书库-中国学术电子书库)
Digital Image Collections of Republic of China (1911-1949) 民国图片数据库
Early Twentieth Century Books in China (1912-1949) 民国图书数据库
Government Public Document Database中国公开文件数据库
Guji Discovery 古籍发现
iRead eBooks 華藝中文電子書
Jikan Database 集刊数据库
Jinshi Examination Database 历代进士登科数据库
Liu Chao Stone Inscription Database 汉魏六朝碑刻数据库
PLA Daily Digital Archive 解放军报
Silk Road Historical Archive 丝绸之路西域文献史料辑要数据库
Western Regions Archaeology Database 西域文物考古全集数据库
New databases from Shanghai Library 上海图书馆新加数据库 (Expires July 23, 2020)

*Please note that access to the above-mentioned resources expires June 30, 2020 unless otherwise noted.

Individuals with University of Chicago credentials may access these e-resources via the main Library's web page for the COVID-19 Expanded and Upgraded Access to Resources https://guides.lib.uchicago.edu/tempcontent. Please scroll down to the section for “Chinese Studies.”

Individuals may also access them via the East Asian Collection web page for E-Resources https://www.lib.uchicago.edu/about/directory/departments/eastasia/east-asian-e-resources/.

Another way to access these resources is to use the LibGuide for Chinese Studies http://guides.lib.uchicago.edu/chinese, select “Free E-Resources during COVID19” on the guide.

For additional information accessing these e-resources, please contact Jiaxun Benjamin Wu (jiaxun@uchicago.edu), the Chinese Studies Librarian, or Yuan Zhou (yzhou3@uchicago.edu), Curator of the East Asian Collection.