The Korea Collection at the East Asia Library at Yale will present a series of three online workshop sessions on Korean romanization during the month of October. From introduction and basic rules to the advanced will be covered by Korean Studies librarians who are specialized in Korean romanization and cataloging. Students and researchers in Korean Studies, library staff, and anyone interested in learning Korean romanization are welcome to attend. This workshop is a joint workshop with presenters and attendees from Yale University, The University of Chicago, and Princeton University.  This year's speakers include the University of Chicago Library's East Asia Collection Korea Studies Librarian, Jee-Young Park.  Also speaking will be Princeton University's Hyoungbae Lee, along with organizer and moderator, Jude Yang (Yale University).

October 8: Introduction on Korean romanization (1-2pm CST)
What is Korean romanization and why it matters?
This session will cover McCune-Reischauer Korean romanization system, word division, and hands-on practice. You will be able to understand the basic rules of Korean romanization following this session.

October 15: More on Korean romanization: Its complexities and problems (1-2pm CST)
There are rules we should follow, but always there are exceptions. In this session, you are introduced to exceptions clauses as well as complicated and tricky examples. Certain problematic cases will also be covered.

October 22: K-Romanizer, an automation tool for Korean romanization (1-2pm CST)
K-Romanizer is a romanization conversion tool developed by Hyoungbae Lee, the Korean Studies librarian at Princeton University. In this session you learn how to use this tool and utilize it in the best way. Hands-on practice.

This series is sponsored by the Council on East Asian Studies at Yale University.

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