Social scientists, humanists, and business faculty across the University of Chicago campus are rapidly adopting and inventing new digital tools and techniques. Whether they seek to analyze 19th-century American manufacturing, the ruins of the ancient walled city of Sam’al, or the transmission history of Hamlet, UChicago scholars and students are employing new digital approaches to gathering, analyzing, preserving and sharing their data and scholarly findings. As they do so, Library staff members with expertise in everything from digitization to GIS to digital data curation and archiving are developing innovative ways to collaborate with faculty to advance digital scholarship.

Last year, current CEAS Director Susan Burns (Associate Professor of Japanese History, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, and the College) contacted the Resident Librarian for Geographic Information Systems as she was planning the GIS components of a course on Edo/Tokyo: Society and the City in Japan. Professor Burns’s class attracted everyone from first-year College students to second-year graduate students, who entered with diverse backgrounds in Arc-GIS and historical research methods. Training for students at all levels was provided thanks to this resource that helps faculty and students find data sources and advises faculty on how they can organize, preserve, and share their geographic data with others.

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