The Center for East Asian Studies congratulates Ralph Lewis Professor in Sociology, Kazuo Yamaguchi, for being awarded the Person of Cultural Merit Award.  Each year, the government of Japan recognizes and honors those who have made great cultural and artistic contributions and developments that help promote creative activities in Japan.  This distinction functions to honor those who have advanced and developed Japanese culture in a variety of fields, including the academia, arts, science, and sports.  Professor Yamaguchi was 1 of 20 individuals chosen for this distinction.

Professor Yamaguchi is interested in statistical models for social data and mathematical models for social phenomena, life course, rational choice theory, stratification and mobility, demography of family and employment, process of drug use progression, and Japanese society. His current research focuses on methodology (causal models for categorical data, decomposition analysis, and panel data analysis), and gender inequality and work-life balance in Japan and Korea.