The Getty Foundation has awarded a two-year grant to the Department of Art History at the University of Chicago to nurture a new generation of historians of Chinese art through dissertation workshops and a traveling seminar which cross continental, cultural, and academic boundaries.

Conceived as a dual location program, doctoral candidates from North America, Europe, and Asia will participate in the dissertation workshops in Chicago or Beijing. Through presentations and discussions, as well as site and collection visits, participants in the dissertation workshops will develop or advance their dissertation projects while being exposed to different topics and divergent methodologies, allowing them to discover unexpected historical links and conceptual connections.

The traveling seminar to China, including similar robust art historical exchanges between students and scholars, will expand perspectives at an even earlier, formative stage. The groups emerging from such concentrated dialogues will shape the future of Chinese art history and art history in general, fostering nuance, originality, and collaboration.

 In addition to the dissertation workshops and traveling seminar, one University of Chicago doctoral candidate with fluency in Chinese (Mandarin) and specializing in art history or visual and material culture will be supported in each of the two years by a year-long University of Chicago/Getty Dissertation Fellowship in Chinese Art History. They will provide research assistance and handle organizational matters for the workshops and the traveling seminar, while also advancing their own dissertation work.

Professors Wu Hung and Wei-Cheng Lin, both members of the University of Chicago faculty, will serve as Director and Deputy Director of the program, respectively. Together with Dr. Katherine Tsiang, Associate Director of the University of Chicago’s Center for the Art of East Asia; Professor Christine Mehring, Chair of the Department of Art History; and Professor Persis Berlekamp, Director of Graduate Studies, they will form the program’s steering committee.

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Written by UChicago Arts and the Logan Center