William F. Sibley Memorial Symposium

William F. Sibley Memorial Symposium

Saturday May 8, 2010
University of Chicago
International House
1414 E. 59th St.

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Norma Field: Opening Remarks
Edward Fowler: A Fateful Encounter: Bill Sibley, Sōseki, and Mon

On Translation

Alisa Freedman: Translating Tokyo with Bill Sibley Introduction | PowerPoint
Mark Lincicome: Who Let the Historian in? Or, How I Found a Home in FELC
Leslie Pincus: Paper Lanterns and Humanity
Miho Matsugu: That Early Morning Fog: William Sibley’s Minakata Kumagusu
Guy Yasko: The Language of Humility: Extrapolations from Bill Sibley's Pedagogy
Stefan Tanaka: Wayfaring Across Japanese Studies

On Literary Studies

Gerald Figal: Translations Not Written
Sarah Frederick: Reflections on Useless Heroes and William F. Sibley’s Review of “The Failure of Freedom”
James Fujii: Thoughts on Literature, the City, and Bill
Amanda Seaman: Texts in the City: Bill Sibley, Tokyo Stories, and Myself

Thoughts on William Sibley

Mike Molasky has dedicated his new CD to William Sibley.
Dean Brink
Kevin Doak
Alexis Dudden
Peter Grilli
Susan Griswold
Doug Howland
David Johnson
Patti Kameya
Chika Kinoshita
William Marotti
Samuel Perry
Henry Smith
Julia Thomas
Noboru Tomonari
Anne Walthall

Selected Works by William Sibley

from Partings at Dawn

from Text and the City

Book Reviews

Review of The Failure of Freedom: A Portrait of Modern Japanese Intellectuals by Arima Tatsuo
Review of In the Company of Men: Representations of Male-Male Sexuality in Meiji Literature by Jim Reichert

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