This section provides visitors who are both affiliates and non-affiliates of CEAS with links to important information about East Asia-related resources at the University of Chicago, in the city of Chicago, as well as special sections reserved for students and faculty of CEAS and K-16 educators interested in professional development and teaching resources.

The Faculty section includes links where instructors can post job-openings, submit funding proposals for events, and handle associated matters with guests who have spoken or visited the university on behalf of CEAS.

The Student section contains a list of job opportunities, forms where students can apply for funding for events, and learn about graduate student exchange programs.

The Campus Resource section provides key information for students interested in East Asian studies to explore the breadth of resources offered at the University of Chicago. 

The Public Engagement section includes information for K-16 educators and the general public about community programming and teacher training opportunities at CEAS.

Our Select Papers section showcases four decades of select research of our esteemed CEAS faculty, and gives insight into the diverse array of interests being explored at the Center.