Yoko Hiraoka, senior master performer of biwa, koto, shamisen, and jiuta voice, is a native of Kyoto who studied Chikuzen Biwa in the Kōmyōji-ryu based in Osaka.  Ms. Hiraoka also studied classical koto and shamisen music from an early age.  Her performance career began in Japan and spans almost 40 years with her repertoire including contemporary compositions and improvisations as well as the classical repertoire.

The Center for East Asian Studies, in conjunction with the International House Global Voices Program, is excited to bring Yoko Hiraoka to campus to perform on Friday, February 17th. 

DATE: Friday, February 17th

TIME: 5 pm

VENUE: Assembly Hall, International House (1414 E. 59th St.)

For more information on Yoko Hiraoka, click here.