The Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Chicago (CEAS) serves as an interdisciplinary nexus and clearinghouse for East Asian studies and an important resource for faculty and students across the University.  CEAS supports academic activities, research, outreach, and public events to promote greater understanding of China, Japan and Korea.  CEAS has been designated a Title VI National Resource Center by the U.S. Department of Education.

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"Writing a New History of China: How Chinese Intellectuals Are Trying to Fill in Blank Spaces in Contemporary Chinese History"

Ian Johnson, Writer/Independent Scholar

Since taking over leadership of China in 2012, Xi Jinping and his allies have sought to impose a narrative in which China's history is objective, linear, inevitable and glorious--a tale of triumph over tragedy, led since 1949 by the Communist Party. Yet for all this massive effort, a guerilla army of writers, intellectuals, filmmakers, and other thinkers promulgate and preserve history from below. They are not overseas dissidents or historians but people inside Chinese who seek to bring light to China's recent past, filling in the silence that has suffused society when it comes to sensitive subjects.


The Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies (IUC) application is now open, and the deadline to apply is January 15, 2021.

The Center for East Asian Studies congratulates Ralph Lewis Professor in Sociology, Kazuo Yamaguchi, for being awarded the Person of Cultural Merit Award.  Each year, the government of Japan recogn

The Korea Collection at the East Asia Library at Yale will present a series of three online workshop sessions on Korean romanization during the month of October.

CEAS was honored to welcome Professor Levi McLaughlin (Associate Professor in Philosophy and Religious studies, North Carolina State University) for the latest in the “East Asia by the Book!” CEAS

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