A multi-platform social media campaign that explores the logistical making of the social and the social making of logistics, #Logistics in the Time of Covid was conceived as a digital “cabinet of curiosities,” a roving collection of artifacts, tales, and puzzles, the interactive online platform supports the sharing and discussion of meso-level research findings and enables contributors to showcase diverse audiovisual forms of representation.

Logistics promises to make the flows between supply and demand, storage and delivery, ever more “seamless” and “on-demand.” Done right, logistics slips into the backdrop of daily life. Its ghostly efficiency seems wondrous. Even magical. But what about in the time of Covid? Headlines buzz about “logistical nightmares.” What specters and fantasies are generated by the disruption of logistical flows? How does the pandemic provoke new wonder or terror about the work of logistics?

Follow this project, as part of the research project, Logistics in the Marking of Mobile Worlds, sponsored by the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society.  For more information on this project, and to meet the team, including Center for East Asian Studies faculty, Julie Chu (Associate Professor of Anthropology and Social Sciences in the College), click here.