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Workshops for Educators
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Professional development and training workshops for educators are an important component of outreach activities at the Center for East Asian Studies that are supported by the United States Department of Education and crafted in coordination with other UChicago Title VI National Resource Centers. Workshops are designed by university faculty, graduate students, and Center staff to enhance classroom curriculum in local public and private high schools and community colleges. Workshops introduce pedagogical methods and materials that facilitate the study of East Asia in the classroom and address a variety of subjects.

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Online Resources for Educators

CEAS posts educational materials related to East Asia, free of charge, for educators and others who find them useful. 

For East Asian-related Resources from 2014 to Present, please visit UChicago Educator Outreach.

The following are examples of East Asia-related resources and programs from 2013 and earlier:

K-12 Lesson Plans

Yuki Miyamoto - Discrimination, Disaster, and Disease: Revisiting Hiroshima and Minamata in the Wake of Fukushima

Aoki Kojima - Eating in Post-Fukushima World: Radioactive Contamination of Food and Farmers, Fishermen, and Consumers

Sarah Arehart — On Teaching Fukushima: The 3/11 Earthquake and Tsunami: Background Reports

Resources for Nuclear Energy and Accidents

Cleaning up Fukushima, 2011-2013