Submit a Reimbursement

This section explains the processes for submitting reimbursement requests for University related expenses. Please read fully and carefully before submitting requests.

The Center for East Asian Studies reimburses students for travel related expenses under a conference travel grant or pre-dissertation research grant.

The University will reimburse reasonable and prudent business expenses.  Allowable expenses include economy class airfare, lodging, meals, taxi fares, and other transit.  Reimbursements can only be processed after travel is completed.

If you are unsure if an expected expense can be reimbursed, please contact CEAS before you incur the expense.

  • Reimbursement request must be submitted within 30 days of your return.
  • All original receipts must be taped securely to 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper so that the entire receipt is visible and the page can be sent through a copier. You may also email the receipts to
  • All receipts over $65.00 must show the last 4 digits of the credit card used. If no such receipt is avaliable, please provide a bank or credit card statement showing the charge. 
  • Please use Oanda to convert foreign currency to USD for the date of the expense.
  • Fill out the UChicago Travel/Non-Travel Reimbursement Form to the best of your abilities.
  • Complete the top portion of the Student Certification for Business Related Travel Reimbursement form or visit CEAS to obtain a hard copy.
  • Please email and submit the UChicago Travel/Non-Travel Reimbursement Form, Student Certification, and all receipts to
  • If you are being reimbursed for presenting at a conference, please provide a copy of the conference program showing your name.

Reimbursements can take 3-4 weeks to process after you submit your request.

Notes About Travel Reimbursements:

  • The UChicago Travel/Non-Travel Reimbursement Form must be completed in full. Click here to see an example of a completed UChicago Travel/Non-Travel Reimbursement Form if you are using a blue hardcopy.  
  • Your airfare receipt must show your name, the class (i.e. "economy"), and proof of payment such as the last four digits of your credit card.  An itinerary or boarding pass alone is not a receipt.
  • Students are not able to claim per diem.
  • If receipts are in a language other than English, please translate the purpose of the receipt.  For example, write "taxi" or "meal" on the receipt.  It is not necessary to translate the entire receipt.
  • Again, use Oanda to convert foreign currency to USD for the date of the expense.

The Center for East Asian Studies will reimburse students for business expenses that are not related to travel.  For example, students may be reimbursed for a meal with a guest speaker at a CEAS-sponsored event.  Please contact CEAS before you make a purchase to ensure that we can reimburse you.

Reimbursements can take 3 weeks to process after you submit your request.

Notes About Non-Travel Reimbursements:

  • For reimbursements of business meals with 10 or fewer guests, you must list the name and affiliation of each guest (e.g. "Dr. Jones, University of Chicago").  For meals with 11 or more guests, you only need to specify the total number of guests.
  • For restaurant receipts, you must submit the itemized receipt in addition to the signed receipt.